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Welcome to the Building For the Future (BFF) Update Page!

This is where we will post updates as we have them regarding both the design and building process and the fundraising process.
Please check back as often as you wish for more updates.
Please also feel free to comment below if you wish. Comments are moderated.

Current Update

NEW! May 27, 2018 - Moving Ahead and Looking Ahead

At a special Vestry meeting, and on the recommendation of the Building For the Future (BFF) Committee, the Vestry approved two time-lines for our continuing project, as follows:

Fundraising Schedule: Phase 1 (Discernment Phase) was completed several weeks ago. Phase 2 (Fundraising Study) will begin in late June with the mailing of survey and study materials and some face-to-face meetings. The Fundraising Study will be completed by early August and will give us an idea of how much financial support we might expect as a result of Phase 3 (Solicitation Phase). The Solicitation Phase will begin in mid-August and conclude in late November

Construction Schedule: As we no longer have Hafer House on the market and we will not know how much financial support to expect until early August, the Vestry approved the establishment of the job site, the demolition of the garages and the asphalt parking area, the front landscaping, and the elevator installation and basement modifications. As we have $1 million, we are confident that we will be able to move through these phases. Other phases of the project will be approved as funding is confirmed.

We remain tremendously excited to begin the construction process, even as we hope for a successful fundraising effort.

April 12, 2018 - BFF Committee Meeting - Final Materials for Fundraising Study

The Building For the Future (BFF) committee met with Jerry Campbell, our consultant, to finalize materials for the Fundraising Study (Phase 2 of our Capital Campaign). While the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission (LHPC) narrowly approved our plans, our previous buyer for Hafer House has withdrawn the offer, so we are in the midst of considering our options for accessing the equity of Hafer House to fund a portion of the new building. Fundraising Study final materials will be completed by May 24.

April 10, 2018 - LHPC Commission Approval

On Tuesday, April 10 the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission (LHPC) continued the hearing that was begun on February 6th. After the testimony of our architect and a handful of members of our congregation, as well as the presence of two dozen others, the LHPC approved our revised plans on a vote of 3-2. Press coverage can be found here. Many thanks to those who came! Our next step will be to both continue to refine our plans as well as persuing both donations and financing options.

March 27, 2018 - Press Release and KOBI Press Coverage

St. Mark's issues a Press Release this afternoon regarding our building plans and our continuing discussions with the city staff in preparation for the continuation of our hearing before the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission on April 10. The story can be accessed here. Thanks to KOBI Channel 5 for their coverage!

March 9, 2018 - Hafer House sold to Trinity Counseling LLC

On Friday, March 9 we accepted a purchase offer for Hafer House in the amount of $400,000. Assuming this transaction is completed as planned, this represents a major step towards financing our new addition and renovation project. One provison of the agreement is that our offices will remain in Hafer House until no later than September 1, 2018. As this is well in advance of the completion of our project, we will be looking at options for temporary office space or will convert existing space into such temporary office space.

March 6, 2018 - 5:30 pm - Medford Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission Hearing (continued) - POSTPONED to APRIL 10

On March 6 the Commission dealt with a request for a sign directing people to St. Mark's and the Family Nurturing Center to be placed on a building at Main and Oakdale. Staff approved the proposal and the Commission quickly approved the request. Due to ongoing negotiations with city staff and the need to flesh out some background material, our architect has requested a postponement of the original March 6 hearing. See above for more information.

March 1, 2018 - $1.74 Million Capital Campaign Launched

The Building For the Future (BFF) Committee met on Tuesday, February 27 to conclude the Discernment Phase (Phase 1 of 3) of our capital campaign. Confident that you, the members of St. Mark's, are fully aware and supportive of this project, we move into our Feasibility Study (Phase 2) to determine the level of financial support we might expect to receive from our members. Having received a reliable initial cost estimate for our renovation and addition, we can now announce that we are launching a $1.74 million capital campaign. We have already raised $1,050,000, and we anticipate an eventual $400,000 from the sale of Hafer House. We believe that raising the remainder ($290,000) is well within our capacity as a community of faith. During the feasibility study you will be able to evaluate a full and comprehensive description of this project and will be encouraged to express your thoughts and feelings about the project through confidential interviews, and online or paper surveys. If you have any questions please contact Reverend Tom at rector@stmarks-medford.org or (541) 773-3111, Debra McFadden, or any member of the BFF Committee.

February 27, 2018 - BFF Committee Meeting

The Building For the Future (BFF) Committee has met with our consultant, Jerry Campbell, to review progress to date on the Discernment Phase of the Capital Campaign and has now authorized the beinning of the Feasibility Study (Phase 2) which will involve online and paper surveys, face-to-face interviews, and other information-gathering processes (see above). The result of the Feasibility Study will be a determination of how much money may reasonably be raised from our congregation as we also move towards final numbers for costs.

February 13, 2018 - Meeting with Medford CIty Planning Staff

Reverend Tom, Debra McFadden (Sr. Warden), and Mark McKechnie (Architect) met with city planning staff to review the application and present alternatives to the submitted diagrams. Staff expressed concern that the "Markade" (World War II construction) be preserved, though at this point only the rear wall and side wall facing the parking area are left of the original. They also wanted us to preserve the "Spirit wall" at the front of the current Parish Hall, though it was built in the late 1960s. We have not yet heard from the staff following this meeting.

February 6, 2018 - Historic Preservation Commission Hearing

Appeared before the Medford Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission (LHPC) regarding our application for the renovation and addition.. Staff recommended denial of the application. After a substantial show of support by members and friends of St. Mark's who attended the meeting, the Commission decided to table the motion to deny until their March 6 meeting.

January 28, 2018 - Annual Meeting Presentation

At the Annual Meeting of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, we presented the plans and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (see documents in the BFF website section) to an enthusiastic congregation. We are currently winding down the Discernment Phase (Phase 1 of 3) of our Capital Campaign and hope to have solid cost estimates by the end of February.

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