Second Sunday in Lent Sermon
February 25, 2024, 1:46 PM

In our worship today as we continued our Lenten journey, we are reminded of the relationship we have with God – our willfulness, our contrition, and God’s never-failing grace and mercy. A mercy which never changes. Our reading from Hebrew scripture in Genesis was the story of God’s reminder to Abram and Sarai that God was more capable than they imagined and that God was committed to Abraham and Sarah to show them mercy. Our psalmist sang a song which reminds us to offer praise to and for God. We also heard them sing that God cares for those who society holds in contempt and provides for them. Paul’s letter to the church in Rome emphasizes Abraham’s faith and the blessing that he received for his faith. Even when the world held Abraham in contempt God never forgot him. The Gospel from Mark was a doublet – Peter getting chastised for trying to deter Jesus from fulfilling his mission, coupled with the invitation to take up our cross and follow Jesus. The sermon for today was focused on the pursuit of perfect knowledge over wisdom and how that can prevent us from living into our faithful mission. We are invited to let our desire to be in control and right so we can build relationships with God and community. When we do that, we will be able to experience growth in wisdom. How can you grow wisdom in your patience and consideration of God’s faithfulness?


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Readings: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Psalm 22:22-30; Romans 4:13-25; Mark 8:31-38

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