St. Mark's Vestry

St. Mark's Vestry

The Vestry of St. Mark's, as with any Episcopal Church, serves as the Board of Directors for us as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Rector is the President and CEO as well as the Board Chair of the corporation. The Senior Warden is the Board Vice-Chair and "Rector's Warden," the Junior Warden is the "Peoples' Warden", and the Treasurer is the Finance Chair. Vestry members are elected at our Annual Meeting in February of each year for three-year terms, after which they must take a year off before being eligible to run again. The Vestry also shares with the Rector in leading the spiritual life of the congregation, discerning God's direction for the organization.

Class of 2024

Geni Hilton      

Jan Martin (Senior Warden)     

Dick Barbara    

Class of 2025

Jane Cook    

Joan Fish (Junior Warden)    

Nancy Pereira    

Class of 2026

Jeff Smith

Helene Lulich

Sandra Baleria

Non-Vestry Officers

Cathy Carnes, Clerk & Secretary    

Betsy Sharp, Treasurer