What is the church's greatest gift?
February 29, 2024, 3:46 PM

During a recent Stewardship committee meeting we spent time discussing the bounty we have received as individuals and as a church. As part of that discussion, I offered a question to consider, “What is the greatest gift the church has to offer?” I think that is something everyone should consider, because the answer to that question is a big part of the ministry of St. Mark’s (and any church for that matter). The Good News of God in Jesus Christ is the hope which is found in the restoration of community across boundaries which separate us from God, from each other, and from all of God’s creation.


I have come to understand a meaningful and needed gift we can offer is what our physical church is centered on – the Sanctuary. Our church is able to share hope and restoration by living as a sanctuary where people are invited to come, be present for their needs, and to be accepted for who they are – children of God. The work we do to create and stabilize relationships helps everyone understand we have something to offer everyone – a place to be connected, just as they are.


What do you think the greatest gift we have is? How do we share that amazing gift with others in our community – for their benefit and ours too? Equally important, who has God placed in your community that needs to receive that free and beneficial gift?


Blessings, Fr. Les+

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